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Feed it Green have a long history of successful solar panel installations. We will provide you with sound advice from your first enquiry right through until the installation is complete and beyond. We are able to offer advice on  all stages of the design and installation process and on what you can achieve with your solar panel system once we have installed it. When you place an order with us we will begin to guide you through the steps of installation from registering the installation with the District Network Operator (DNO) right the way through to the complicated ROO-FIT application. Our assistance with these tasks mean that the whole experience is smooth and stress free for you and your business and is one of the reasons why our clients are more than happy to recommend us to anyone else in the market for Solar PV. As commercial solar PV Panel installers we understand that you need a well supported, well planned process to guide your through solar PV panel installation.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels allow companies to receive fixed payments whilst producing their own FREE electricity during working hours. Business customers draw most of their power during daylight hours (in contrast to domestic customers) as most businesses operate during the day. This simple fact means that solar panels are the perfect form of power generation for commercial customers as they work at peak efficiency during these hours so as a  commercial customer you will make the maximum savings on your energy bills.

As commercial solar installers we will offer expert advice on how your business can make the most of what solar energy has to offer. We will  produce accurate drawings of your roof, plus detailed financial figures that the system will produce, and of course the savings you will make from your FREE electricity you produce.

Let’s do the maths (PV ROIs)!

Hyundai Solar panels with SMA Inverter

System specification

South facing 13.5 kWp system

Annual production: 9200 kWh

FiT generation rate: 12.13p/kWh

FiT export rate: 4.7p/kWh

Grid price: 14.5p

System cost: £16,500.00

Savings and returns with Feed-in Tariff from 1 July 2013 and before October 2014

FiT generation payment: 9200 Kwh x 12.13p = £1115.96p (guaranteed per annum for 20 years)

FiT export payment: (9200 Kwh x 0.5) x 4.7p = £216.20 (guaranteed per annum for 20 years)

Annual bill savings: (9200 Kwh x 0.5) x 14.5p = £667.00 (average bill savings per Annum)

Total generation and export + Annual bill savings = £1999.16 x 20 years = (£39,983.20 over the life of the system) 

ROI: (£1115.96 + £216.20 + £667.00) ÷ (£16,500.00 x 100%) = 12.12%

Pay Back 8.2 years

Please note:

These figures are conservative and do not take into account increasing energy prices or annual inflation linked to the FIT payment.

The generation and export payments are indexed linked and can rise with inflation year on year for the life of the Feed in Tariff

The Forecasted increases in Electricity costs means the predicted annual savings can also increase