Domestic Solar Power

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How do solar panels work?

Daylight hits the Solar panels and is converted to electricity this is converted from direct current to alternating current by the converter,  it is then measured by the solar power generation meter . The power is then distributed as needed to your home with any excess power being fed back into the grid (see the information on the “feed it in tariff below” for more on how this can benefit your family!).



Why switch to solar power?

More people than ever are making the switch to solar power. Solar power is one of the greenest, cleanest forms of energy available to homeowners and for many this desire to reduce their carbon footprint and limit their families negative impact of the environment is the primary reason for their choice to install solar panels.

Many other families, however, switch to solar power in order to take financial advantage of the government backed “Feed In Tariff Scheme”.

How does the Feed-in Tariff work

You could be paid for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you generate from a renewable source – even if you use it. Plus you’ll also get paid extra for the electricity you don’t use as it’ll befed into the Grid. And remember, any payments are in addition to the savings you’ll make by not having to buy all your electricity from your supplier.

Solar panels can add value to your property making them a sound investment for the future. So to be kind to the environment, save money and invest in the future contact us today!

How disruptive is the installation?

Domestic solar panels from Feed it green

Many people worry about the disruption to their family during the installation of solar PV panels but our customers are always surprised at how little disruption there is!

Our first class designers have worked closely with our engineers to design a system that has no moving parts, releases no emissions and makes no sound. This means that your family will not face any major disruption to daily life and can start receiving all the benefits of solar power quickly and easily.  There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy so what are you waiting for?

Save money
Reduce your carbon footprint
Use renewable energy to power your home

Put your roof and your family’s power needs in the hands of the North Wests number one experts in solar panel installation.