Making Better Use of Your PV

The Solar iBoost – an intelligent immersion heater controller – provides free hot water by diverting unused energy generated by photovoltaic installations to the immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid.

The Solar iBoost gives you free hot water

The most efficient device of its kind on the market thanks to a number of features:

Here’s a few points to consider if you’re thinking about getting Solar iBoost fitted to give you free hot water.

I have on-site power generation. (Solar pv and wind are most common in    the UK)
The distance between the water tank and utility meter is less than 30m
Energy usage in the household is less than the energy generated and excess is exported to the grid
I would like to reduce my energy bills, especially for expensive water heating

Simple to install wireless energy sensor

The Solar iBoost unit receives information wirelessly from the sender unit and controls the power to the immersion heater.

Simply clamp the sensor around the household “live” outgoing supply cable at the electricity meter.


Use your existing immersion heater

Wall mount the Solar iBoost close to the hot water tank

Connect the solar iBoost in the cable between the existing fused spur and immersion heater.

Feed It Green Ltd In many ways we are unique – especially in that our management have direct “hands-on” personal experience in Surveying, Estimating & Installing domestic Solar Panels systems in the UK. Unique in that we are not a tele-sales operation or call centre, we know about the home improvement & Solar Panel industry and are actually interested in what our customers want.

Enjoy your FREE hot water and watch your savings grow!!

How it Works

We are now accredited to supply and install battery storage with the TESLA Powerwall system

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The concept is simple: while your solar panels are generating energy during daylight, the system will firstly power your usage, subsequently the extra generation will charge the Battery System. Once fully loaded, if there is any extra it will be fed back into the national grid. When the panels cease to generate electricity, the inverter will pull the free stored energy from the Battery System to power your usage. Only when the System is ’empty’, does the system take power from the grid.

For a typical household that currently only uses 50% of the energy generated, the Battery System should increase this to around 85%. Or in other words the system will only give 15% of the energy generated to the electricity companies!


  • Save money on electricity bills by increasing the proportion of ‘self-use’ electricity generated by your solar panels from 50% to 85% plus
  • Become independent from ever increasing energy price inflation
  • Peace of mind with 10 year battery life expectancy
  • Future proofed expandable storage – add more batteries as your electricity demand rises
  • Can be retro fitted to any existing (MCS registered) solar PV system

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