Batteries & Smart Grids

The future of energy is electric. Imagine a world where cars, planes and ships were powered by electric motors. The sun (and a few other clean energy sources) can meet all of our energy demands. Gas boilers? They belong in the last century.

There is an issue with renewable energy, however. What happens when the sun isn’t shining? What happens if our solar PV system is working beautifully but you’re not at home and the energy is going to waste?

Battery storage is the answer. A battery for your home or business can store the energy for when you need it. Not only that, but a connected battery will be able to communicate with the grid to help stabilise demand across an entire country.

Large battery systems such as the Tesla Powerwall 2 are reducing in cost at a dramatic rate so it’s no wonder that there use – along with solar PV systems and electric cars – are gaining in popularity by the day.

An initial investment in storage technology will see an immediate reduction in costs, speed up our switch to green energy, limit your carbon footprint and help our national grid system. What’s not to like?

A battery to power your home

Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery that lets you store solar energy generated during the day and use it to power your home at night. You can also set Powerwall to keep energy in reserve to back up your home in the event of a utility power outage.

Feed it Green are an official Tesla Energy Approved Installer so you can be confident that everything will be up and running in no time at all.

Batteries Smart Grids Liverpool

Designed to function alongside your existing solar PV system or as part of a new combined home solar setup, battery storage will make it much easier to save on your electricity bills by allowing you to use more of the electricity converted by your panels.

During the day, excess power will charge your battery. Once you’re home from work the battery can then work its magic and discharge all of that clean energy. Your energy bills will be much lower and you’re doing your bit for the environment.

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