Solar PV

Solar PV Cheshire, Liverpool, Wirral and across the North West with Feed it Green. A solar PV system does three incredible things. It reduces your reliance on fossil fuels, pays for itself over time and even allows you to make money

You don’t need to look far to see a solar panel on a home or building in the UK. Thousands of homes and businesses have benefited from the boom in solar power in the last ten years.

And what’s not to like? A consumer or business investment in solar helps our global struggle to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and boosts our efforts to bring our energy systems into the 21st century.

Solar power is poised for huge demand globally in the coming years as the technology develops – the cost of panels is dropping and the efficiency of each cell increasing. We think it’s the future of energy even in a relatively cloudy country such as the UK.

We have a long list of happy customers that are delighted with their solar PV systems and it’s easy to see why:

  • Your reliance on the UK grid is reduced, which reduces costs for everyone in the long run
  • You can become self sufficient (especially when combined with battery storage)
  • Green energy from solar PV keeps your CO2 emissions low
  • The longer you have a solar PV system, the lower your costs become!
  • Investors in solar PV are kickstarting global demand – you’re investing in an amazingly positive technology that will change the world for the better!

Feed it Green have installed a huge range of Solar PV Cheshire, Liverpool and Wirral; systems for both businesses and consumers across the UK

  • Hundreds of happy consumer customers with solar PV systems on the roof of their homes
  • Many systems deployed for both businesses and developed properties
  • We’re always looking to help community projects and schools to use available space to generate electricity

Many people worry about the disruption to their family during the installation of solar PV panels but our customers are always surprised at how little disruption there is!

Our first class designers have worked closely with our engineers to design a system that has no moving parts, releases no emissions and makes no sound. This means that your family will not face any major disruption to daily life and can start receiving all the benefits of solar power quickly and easily.

Before the installation of your solar panels our experts will;

  1. Carry Out A Comprehensive Roof Survey
  2. Measure Your Roof Accurately
  3. Produce CAD Design (ensuring Maximum Yield)
  4. Ensure Works Adhere To Building Regulations
  5. Project Manage ALL Works

These 5 steps help ensure the quality of your solar panel installation and have helped the experts at Feed It Green to become some of the most trusted in the North West.

We offer solar panel repairs as well as installation Solar PV Cheshire, across the North West, Lancashire, and North Wales. Contact us now, to enquire!