Keeping your solar panels in good working order is vital for you to get the very best from them. An annual solar panel service is recommended which will help keep your solar panel systems operating at a level that will help you maximise your energy savings and earnings. An issue with your solar PV (photovoltaic) system, whatever the cause, may not be noticeable to you right away, but will have a huge impact on your electricity bill and any SEG payments. To keep your PV solar systems working with maximum efficiency, maintaining solar panels is vital.

If you’ve invested in solar, you want to be able to reap the benefits of electricity generation for decades – and the best way to do that is keep your solar panels generating electricity, with no downtime due to solar repairs or needing to install a whole new system. The Complete Solar PV Maintenance Package from Feed It Green offers complete peace of mind and protection for your solar panels by ensuring that they perform to the best of their ability, and continue to give you the maximum returns and savings throughout their lifetime.

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Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, as people become more aware of the environmental and financial benefits of going solar. As this technology becomes more widespread, the price of installation falls, making solar panels that much more appealing.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in the UK

Reduced Electricity Bills

One of the most significant benefits of solar panels is their ability to decrease electricity bills. They generate electricity from the sun, which means businesses can create their own electricity instead of relying on utility companies.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Generating electricity from solar panels uses the sun, which is a renewable resource that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, by using solar energy, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Gain budget stability through accurate forecasting of operating expenses

Monetise underused assets by installing large-scale Solar on ground or roof space

For maximum electricity output and to extend the life of your solar panels for as long as possible, follow these solar panel maintenance tips:

  • Keep your panels clear of debris, dust, dirt and pollen with a regular hosing down.
  • Get a professional maintenance check every year.
  • Get your panels installed by a reputable provider in the first place, so you can rest assured that they will fix any (unlikely) issues that do come up.
  • Ensure your panels are not placed beneath any branches or heavy objects that could fall in stormy weather.
  • Regularly check that your panels do not have birds or rodents nesting underneath, as this can damage the wiring and roof attachments.

Whether you are looking to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint or secure your future energy supply, we offer expert commercial solar installations with proven high yielding solar panels. Here’s some photo’s from our latest project for a social housing association

A Solar Monitoring Solution is a system that helps, monitor and optimize the Performance of Solar Energy Systems. The solution typically involves a combination of hardware and software that provides Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Key Performance Indicators such as Power Output, Energy Production, and System Efficiency.

Here are some of the Key Components of a Solar Monitoring Solution:

Monitoring Hardware: This includes sensors and meters that are installed in the solar energy system to measure key performance indicators such as power output and energy production.

Data Acquisition System: This component collects data from the monitoring hardware and sends it to the monitoring software for analysis.

Monitoring Software: This is the main component of the solar monitoring solution. The software processes the data collected by the data acquisition system and presents it in a user-friendly interface. It can also provide alerts and notifications when there are performance issues or anomalies.

Communication System: This component allows the solar monitoring solution to communicate with other systems, such as weather stations and energy management systems.

By Monitoring the Performance of Solar Energy Systems, a Solar Monitoring Solution can help identify and diagnose issues, optimize energy production, and reduce maintenance costs. It can also help solar energy system owners and operators make informed decisions about system upgrades and expansions.

Solar energy is continuing to gain popularity as a renewable energy source in the UK. However, you may wonder whether the UK is actually sunny enough to make solar panels a worthwhile investment.

Despite Its Grey Weather, the UK Is a Good Place to Install Solar Panels

Contrary to what many would think, despite its reputation for having grey and cloudy weather, the UK has more than enough sunlight to power solar panels. It actually gets the same amount of solar energy as certain areas in France or Spain, which are meant to have more Mediterranean climate.

In fact, the UK gets around 60% of the solar radiation found in the Equator and, in some areas in the south, it receives a comparable amount of sunlight to that in Germany, one of the biggest markets for photovoltaics in the world.

To create a system that is able to convert power in the most efficient way, our inverter products have to stand up to the quality and performance level of our exceptional solar panel selection. And that they do. As the most important component of second stage of the power generation process, the inverter converts the Direct Current that is produced via the sunlight’s absorption into the solar panel cells, into Alternating Current so it can be utilised in our homes and businesses as the power from the electrical grid is.

A common question that haunts many flat roof building owners is, can they install solar panels or not?

The answer is yes; you can install solar panels on buildings with flat roofs with the help of a professional solar installer.

Mostly, large commercial buildings such as manufacturing facilities and warehouses have flat roofs, these commercial buildings use a lot of electricity. So an advantage of installing solar panels on such buildings is that the more solar electricity is used in these commercial buildings, the more money their owner can save with solar energy.

Hence if you own a commercial warehouse and want to save money on your electricity bills, hire a professional solar panel contractor and get solar panels installed on your flat roof.