Beat the feed in tariff cuts, get solar installed before 31st December 2015

HOUSEHOLD returns from solar panels are set to be slashed by almost 90 per cent in January and abolished by 2019 as part of new Government proposals. (Daily Express 2015).

Cuts to the feed-in tariff could slash payments for energy-generating homes down from as much as £495 a year to £64 a year from 2016. Existing installations and installations completed by the deadline 31st December this year will not be affected by the change, but future investment in solar panels is expected to rapidly decrease under the plans (DECC). Contact Feed it green today to guarantee your installation before the deadline. Currently the feed in tariff scheme  pays up to 12.9p per kWh of solar energy generated and used but is due to drop by up to 87% after the deadline. The suggested cuts would see tariff rates for domestic schemes drop to 1.63p/kWh.

Don’t lose out get in touch now to guarantee your government backed payments for the next 20 years.

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