The Brief

Over the summer holidays before the new school term in Liverpool, we were employed by Sefton Council to try and improve the energy consumption of Hillside High School in Bootle.

Sefton Council wanted to help Hillside High achieve their objectives of reducing energy costs and extending sustainability.

Hillside High School was formed in 1972 when two existing schools combined and formed the new school at the Breeze Hill site. Since it’s opening the facilities have been regularly updated. The science laboratories have been upgraded, ICT facilities have expanded rapidly and the school has installed a state of the art system of cabling to make the best possible use of the Sefton Learning Grid and broadband access. The school wanted to continue this progression by updating their lighting.

The Solution

Installation of LED lighting throughout the school.

LED lights reduce maintenance, expenditure and improve light output. This offers a brighter environment for both pupils and staff.

These works were completed during the school holidays, to have the least impact on the school term in Liverpool and the staff and pupils.

The Result

We replaced 1038 fittings using Ansell LED fittings.

As a result of our work at Hillside High, we received data from Sefton Council regarding the energy consumption.

Hillside Graph

This graph shows the half hourly rate for electric at Hillside High -Comparing 5th Sept last year (in blue) to 5th Sept this year (in green) It’s clear to see the impact of our work. We couldn’t be happier and results like these speak for themselves.

Hillside High are delighted with the outcome of the work completed. This cost effective solution to lowering energy consumption has had a massive saving on the bills, reducing consumption by almost 50%.

A job well done by all.

The Results of the Installation

Bright Classrooms, allowing pupils to work effectively whatever the weather outside.

school term liverpool
school term liverpool
school term liverpool

A Sports Hall with lighting to compliment any sport.

Sports Hall

A Dining Hall fit for all.

Dining Hall

A Library to allow study at all times of the day.


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Overhead of Feed it green

Feed it Green are excited to have helped Southport NHS with proposals for a new mental health hospital. Take a look at the full article via the link below:

This is what Southport’s brand new mental health hospital will look like

These pictures show how Southport’s brand new NHS mental health hospital will look.

The new facility could be built on the site of the former Christiana Hartley hospital, on the corner of Scarisbrick New Road and Curzon Road, after plans were submitted to Sefton Council following a successful public consultation.

It will house 44 patients in en-suite beds and feature visiting spaces, consulting and treatment rooms, and a outdoor garden.

Read the full article

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EV Charging Hardware

We found this interesting article on the development of EV chargers. ChargePoint EV have added some interesting software upgrades to their systems for home users. They can now control their chargers via an Amazon Alexa assistant.

Take a look at the below and follow the link for the full article:

ChargePoint, the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, today announced that ChargePoint Home now offers integration with Amazon Alexa enabling EV drivers to manage home charging using only their voice. To further simplify ownership for EV drivers, the new mobile app features help drivers to find charging spots using station photos and get notified when a charging spot opens up.

Offering unmatched smart home integration, ChargePoint Home now empowers drivers to ask Alexa to start and stop charging, find out whether their vehicle is plugged in and see how many miles have been added. Any driver can ask Alexa about their account balance or how much they spent on charging. As ChargePoint Home also works with Nest to report on energy use, EV drivers can now connect charging to multiple parts of the smart home for an even simpler charging experience.

Here’s the full article.

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Lime Street

Feed it Green are at it again, this time in Lime Street! We are proud to be working on one of the most exciting development projects in our hometown. We’ll update you all with details of the solar PV system we’re installing once the project is complete.

These images show the dramatic new look planned for Lime Street as part of a £35m regeneration of one of Liverpool city centre’s major roads.

Regeneration Liverpool, with developers Neptune, are proposing to create a new hotel, retail and student accommodation complex stretching between – and behind – The Vines and The Crown.

The refurbishment of the busy street will see the loss of the Futurist building, but officials behind the project plan to use part of its facade within the development.

Here’s the full article.

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Police HQ

Feed it Green are delighted to be supplying a solar PV system. This time for the new command centre for Merseyside Police!

We’ll upload a full case study to this website once the work is complete.

Morgan Sindall is tipped to take the contract to build a £44m operational command centre for Merseyside Police in Speke.

The firm is said to have beaten rivals Laing O’Rourke and Wates for the job, according to sources close to the project. This could be the first of a bigger pipeline of work for the force.

The planned three-storey building will include changing accommodation, a gym, an armoury and equipment stores on the ground floor, with office accommodation for specialist units on the top two floors.

It forms part of a 10-year programme worth £130m to update and improve the force’s buildings, while saving running costs on the estate.

View the full article here.

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Home Battery Storage Unit

Now available throughout Wirral, Chester and Liverpool, a home battery storage unit, the Sonnenbatterie is just one of the new efficient home battery storage units now available!

home battery

You can now reduce your electricity cost even further with a Home Battery storage solution from Feed it Green. The electricity that your solar panels generate but is not used can now be stored so that when you arrive home in the evening all of your electricity  is already safely gathered and stored.

This means that you draw very little if any power from the grid and that your solar panel system can now meet your energy consumption demands, even when its dark outside.

How Home Battery Storage Works:


Active Energy Manager

The smart meters of the Sonnenbatterie system detect when more solar power is available than is needed directly for self-consumption or charging the home battery. To optimize self-consumption of the power from your solar power system, the Sonnenbatterie automatically switches on appliances through smart plugs. This allows high-power loads such as washing machines, dishwashers and electrical heaters to operate with surplus solar power during the day, with no need for you to be at home or look after this yourself. This also reduces your usage of costly grid power. The smart plugs can also be switched on manually at the appliance location or with the Sonnenbatterie mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

The new product is available across the Wirral, Chester and Liverpool, so if you need a home battery storage unit, be sure to consider the Sonnenbatterie! Contact us now, for more information!

Battery Storage

Battery Storage, the next phase of the solar revolution is coming!

Battery Storage

Tesla have perfected their “Power wall” storage battery, which can store up to 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. This is around an average family’s daily use!  The utility-scale battery consists of 100kWh blocks and these can be grouped in packs to more than 10MW/h.

Prof Phil Taylor, director of Newcastle University’s Institute for Sustainability, believes the Power wall can be ‘transformative’.

He says that: “Energy storage with solar panels and home balancing, along with smart meters and flexible time of use tariffs empowers people to take an active role in managing their energy use.”

The Power wall system comes with a 10 year guarantee. You also get it at a cost of around £2300. Thus means that your annual feed in tariff payments will easily cover the purchase price.

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Tariff Cuts

Tariff Cuts – “HOUSEHOLD returns from solar panels are set to be slashed by almost 90 per cent in January and abolished by 2019 as part of new Government proposals.” (Daily Express 2015).

Tariff Cuts

Cuts to the feed-in tariff could slash payments for energy-generating homes. Payments could  go down from as much as £495 a year, to £64 a year from 2016. Existing installations and installations completed by the deadline 31st December this year, will not be affected by the change. However, future investment in solar panels is expected to rapidly decrease under the plans (DECC). Contact ‘Feed it Green’ today to guarantee your installation before the deadline.

Currently the feed in tariff scheme  pays up to 12.9p per kWh of solar energy is generated and used. This is due to drop by up to 87% after the deadline. The suggested tariff cuts would see tariff rates for domestic schemes drop to 1.63p/kWh.

Don’t lose out get in touch now! Guarantee your government backed payments for the next 20 years.

4kW systems now available fully installed from just £4999.00

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Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has commended us on our contribution to renewable energy sources.

Feed It Green Ltd, in many ways, are unique. Especially in that our management have direct “hands-on” personal experience in Surveying, Estimating & Installing domestic Solar Panels systems in the UK.

We are also unique in that we are not a telesales operation or a call center. We know about the home improvement & Solar Panel industry and are actually interested in what our customers want.

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