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Harnessing the Power of the Sun: The Benefits of Solar Panels

In a world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly important, solar panels have emerged as a key player in the transition towards clean, renewable energy. Harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels offer a multitude of benefits that not only benefit the environment but also provide significant advantages to homeowners and businesses […]

Saving up to 50% on their energy bills

Another satisfied customer on the journey to saving up to 50% on their energy bills. We have helped many customers make the switch to Solar and help them save money on their energy bills. You could be next! Call our team on 03332074227 to get your quote

Solar PV design

System Design determines the efficiency of a Solar PV solution. This project phase involves accurate sizing of all components, drawings for construction, highlighting technical requirements, and selecting suppliers for the main components such as PV modules, inverters, cabling, monitoring systems, etc. Our design team have just finished designing a 36.5 kWp Solar PV System for a […]

The benefits of EV charging for your business

Is your business looking to install electric car charge points? Feed It Green can seamlessly integrate the EV charging process into your business to offer your staff and customers a more convenient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly way to power their electric car. What’s in it for businesses? 1. More revenue Whether it’s an hourly rate or one based on energy […]

The Benefits of Solar Battery Storage Systems for Companies

With solar battery storage, you can store the excess energy generated by your solar panels and utilise it whenever you need it. Let us explore the top benefits of commercial solar battery storage for businesses. 1. Substantial Savings On Utility BillsA solar power system that also includes battery storage can help businesses save significantly on […]

Intelligent Battery Storage Solutions

With rising energy costs, many UK homes and businesses are now using solar PV panels to generate electricity during daylight. By adding a battery to the system however, you can also use this energy in the evenings too. Here are three reasons why it’s worth getting a battery storage solution for your home or business: […]

Your Solar System Efficiency & Savings Depend on Good Maintenance

Keeping your solar panels in good working order is vital for you to get the very best from them. An annual solar panel service is recommended which will help keep your solar panel systems operating at a level that will help you maximise your energy savings and earnings. An issue with your solar PV (photovoltaic) […]

Feed It Green LTD is 12

Feed It Green LTD is 12! We’d like to thank all our customers for their support. We look forward to a future of making the world a cleaner, greener place.

2023 Guide for Going Solar in the UK

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, as people become more aware of the environmental and financial benefits of going solar. As this technology becomes more widespread, the price of installation falls, making solar panels that much more appealing. Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in the UK Reduced Electricity Bills One of the […]

Maintaining your solar panels

For maximum electricity output and to extend the life of your solar panels for as long as possible, follow these solar panel maintenance tips: Keep your panels clear of debris, dust, dirt and pollen with a regular hosing down. Get a professional maintenance check every year. Get your panels installed by a reputable provider in […]