The Brief

Over the summer holidays before the new school term in Liverpool, we were employed by Sefton Council to try and improve the energy consumption of Hillside High School in Bootle.

Sefton Council wanted to help Hillside High achieve their objectives of reducing energy costs and extending sustainability.

Hillside High School was formed in 1972 when two existing schools combined and formed the new school at the Breeze Hill site. Since it’s opening the facilities have been regularly updated. The science laboratories have been upgraded, ICT facilities have expanded rapidly and the school has installed a state of the art system of cabling to make the best possible use of the Sefton Learning Grid and broadband access. The school wanted to continue this progression by updating their lighting.

The Solution

Installation of LED lighting throughout the school.

LED lights reduce maintenance, expenditure and improve light output. This offers a brighter environment for both pupils and staff.

These works were completed during the school holidays, to have the least impact on the school term in Liverpool and the staff and pupils.

The Result

We replaced 1038 fittings using Ansell LED fittings.

As a result of our work at Hillside High, we received data from Sefton Council regarding the energy consumption.

Hillside Graph

This graph shows the half hourly rate for electric at Hillside High -Comparing 5th Sept last year (in blue) to 5th Sept this year (in green) It’s clear to see the impact of our work. We couldn’t be happier and results like these speak for themselves.

Hillside High are delighted with the outcome of the work completed. This cost effective solution to lowering energy consumption has had a massive saving on the bills, reducing consumption by almost 50%.

A job well done by all.

The Results of the Installation

Bright Classrooms, allowing pupils to work effectively whatever the weather outside.

school term liverpool
school term liverpool
school term liverpool

A Sports Hall with lighting to compliment any sport.

Sports Hall

A Dining Hall fit for all.

Dining Hall

A Library to allow study at all times of the day.


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